What Should Your Pregnant Dog Be Eating?

Many of you may think that our little pregnant dogs may have all kinds of strange cravings and want to eat like crazy when they’re pregnant…but dog’s are pretty controlled in all honesty. They may want a few more morsels than usual, but that’s normal.

So, what should your regimen be when your dog is pregnant?

Well, a dog’s pregnancy is typically 60-63 days long, roughly 9 weeks.

So, here is your food schedule:

1st 30 days -> The dog should be eating normally…nothing new, nothing different.

* Tip: You may supplement fresh meat into their diet on a daily basis if you are so inclined.

Last month -> The mommy dog should be eating a high quality puppy food.

Now, in my opinion, I think it’s healthy to also supplement a mother dog’s diet, and any dog’s diet for that matter, with fresh fruits and vegetables when you can.

Now, grapes and raisins are a “no-no” for your dog, as is chocolate and macadamia nuts.

I also give my dogs a few healthy treats a day, which I bake myself, so that I know exactly what’s in them.

* Tip: Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t feel like eating much around the 3rd-4th week of pregnancy, as they may have some morning sickness…This is normal…Make sure you ALWAYS have FRESH, CLEAN water out for your dog at all times.

* Tip: I’ve even started to have water in the bedroom, at night, when we sleep, so that they don’t have to walk into the kitchen. You would be surprised how often you’ll fill up this bowl, even throughout the day. Dogs like variety too you know!

by Kimberly Edwards

Source by Kimberly Turner