Training Rottweiler Puppies – The Right Mindset You Need to Train Your Rottweiler Dog

Rottweilers typically get a bad reputation, however they are very even tempered, trainable and protective dogs. They are calm and courageous and deeply devoted to their masters. Rottweilers make excellent guard dogs and police dogs, as well as, family pets. Rottweilers must be trained with firm, but kind authority.

Due to their superior intelligence, Rottweilers must have a clear understanding that their owner is the pack leader in the home. Firm training should begin at an early age, because of the Rottweiler’s size and powerful build. When socialized with other dogs and cats, Rottweilers integrate well with other family pets. Faithful devotion coupled with a keen mind and powerful body make the Rottweiler an excellent companion for a loving family. And here is some advice that will help you train your new addition to the family:

Until an animal shows you his admiration and confidence, you will not be able to enjoy any success with your training efforts. This crucial piece of advice certainly applies to the training of dogs. A dog is societal by nature, and you can use this predisposition to make schooling him faster.

In a dog’s world, if you are the guide, then he will easily go along with what you instruct him to do. Trying to instruct your dog without first building the admiration and self-assurance that he needs will likely prove futile. Your dog will come to respect and depend on you in time, but first you have to deal with him consistently and impartially. When you have gained your dog’s trust, you will be stunned at how speedily your training advances.

In a dog’s eyes, adoration and friendliness are not the same as loyalty and confidence. Of course you want to be loving to your dog, but make sure that when you praise your dog it is at proper times. It is also important to not allow the puppy or dog to get away with whatever it wishes to. It is imperative, though, to set limitations, and to institute acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

Dogs build confidence by knowing the rules, and they develop trust when you enforce the rules. In a natural setting each dog has his position in the pack, and he knows what his job is.

Good luck training your new Rottweiler puppy!

Source by Rebecca Witson