Pet Travel Safety and Comfort Tips

Vacation time is right around the corner. On Memorial Day Weekend, a lot of us hit the road for a weekend getaway or daily road trips. Taking your pet along makes the trip a complete family outing. Most dogs love to ride in cars and its fun to take them along with you wherever you go.

There are some important things to keep in mind when travelling with your pet. Keeping your dog safe and content in the car will make the road trip more enjoyable for you and also aid in your safety. An unrestrained dog or cat in the car during travel can be a hazardous distraction to a driver. There is pet gear designed especially for dog travel.

Animals should be secure during the trip and not allowed to jump around or hang out of the window. Don’t allow your pet to ride with their head outside the window. There is a danger of inner ear damage, lung infections, and injury from objects flying by your car. Use your car’s air conditioner to provide cool air for your dog.

There are serious dangers with unrestrained pets that travel in the car. Even if your pet is well behaved in the car, you still have to consider your pet’s safety if you to slam on your brakes or get into an auto accident.

Make certain your pet cannot roam around the vehicle. Options include a pet safety belt, pet harness or pet car seat. These pet auto travel safety devices ensure that should an accident happen, your pet is not thrown from the vehicle or into other passengers.

A dog auto harness that attaches to the car’s safety belt is a safe substitute to a dog crate. A properly fitted auto pet harness will allow your pet to sit and lie down comfortably during travel and will provide protection during sudden stops or emergency turns.

Car Safety Vest Dog Harness by O’Donnell is your dog’s protection while traveling in a vehicle. These are the only pet harnesses to be crash tested to the same standards as a child safety seat. Thirty (30) lbs. at 30 mph. There is a universal metal buckle that fits into the seat belt receptacle. The harness is manufactured from ballistic nylon for security in use. The vest style harness is for your pet’s protection.

Pets are great travelers and enhance the family vacation experience. Whether you are going on a quick trip to a dog park or on long distance vacations; pet auto safety is an important safety precaution for everyone on the road!

Source by Joanne Gallagher