How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark

When a dog is irritated by any sort of heat, cold, hunger or thirst it gets its owners attention by excessive barking. It also barks when it is in pain, sick, lonely or sometimes just plain bored. Dogs will also bark to alert you when someone is near or they sense some sort of danger. Dogs are very jealous companions and will even bark when you are talking to a person or ignoring them. Some breeds are more prone to barking than others.

So how exactly do you get a dog to stop barking so much?

One way could be to focus on teaching the dog TO bark! When you can train your dog to bark on cue you can usually pick up on training them to stop barking on cue as well. Another great example is to teach your dog isolation. Your dog should be able to be alone during certain times of the day without having to continually bark. At first this can be difficult and your dog may think that you have forgotten him or are ignoring him which may prompt him to bark even more but after letting it bark for a while they realize that they are merely wasting their own breath.

If you can not figure out why your dog is barking you may want to try a different approach such as treating it at a mutual level as the rest of your family and find the problem and remove it. The main thing to remember when training your dog is to have a lot of patience and compassion.

Source by Curtis Newton