Catahoula Dog

Catahoula Leopard dog is a type of dog that has its origin in the United States. This dog has other names such as Catahoula dog, Catahoula hog dog, and Catahoula cur. Mostly, this American breed of dog has a lifespan of about 10 to 14 years. Moreover, this dog is named after the Catahoula Parish in Louisiana. This dog has an unknown lineage, but theory suggests that it came to existence when the French settlers migrated to Louisiana with their dogs, which were known as the Beauceron.

When the French settlers were in Louisiana, they crossbred their dog with the wolf dogs, which were owned by Native Americans. This was done to develop a working dog, which could be of great help to them. The theory has it that this was when the Catahoula dog came around, and it was a family dog. It was to hunt, work, and provide protection, and it was harmless in the company of children. 

Catahoula Dog


Catahoula dog was mainly used for hunting, and it helped the Native Americans in the hunting of large game. In addition to that, the European settlers used the Catahoula dog to herd livestock and also to hunt. When used for hunting, Catahoula dog uses antagonization and intimidation in managing their herds of cattle. This hunting technique is quite different from constant patrolling methods that are adopted by herders like the sheepdog. Moreover, Catahoula dogs also act as family dogs. They act as watchdogs to the family and protect the children from any form of harm. These dogs are well trained hence their proper socialization skills. Catahoula dog is a working dog because it has a working instinct. This is why it is mostly used as a hunting dog. 


Catahoula dog is a bred of dogs that are known for its intelligence, and its high energy levels. Studies have it that male Catahoula’s are more assertive as compared to the female breed. Unlike other dogs that might love their own company, the Catahoula breed does not handle isolation well. It needs daily interactions to keep it on the right track and ensure that the Catahoula dog is trained so that it can perform its duties well. If anything happens in a compound that seems unusual, the Catahoula dog informs the owner of the house about the underlying situation. This makes Catahoula one of the best pets ever.

You will feel comfortable living this dog back at home when you are running errands, and you are also guaranteed of your children’s safety when you have this dog back at home. This dog breed has various characteristics, most of which include the following.

  • Unlike other dogs that cling to their homes a lot, Catahoula dog loves company and prefers going on a morning jog with you.
  • It also adapts well to living in apartments.
  • Catahoula dog also tolerates being alone and is not an attention seeker and clingy dog like the other breeds. 
  • It adapts well to both hot and cold weather, making it efficient to be used in any part of the world, regardless of location and climate. 
  • You can trust the Catahoula dog with your family because it is affectionate and loving with family. 
  • Grooming a Catahoula dog is one of the easiest tasks

Super Dog

Catahoula dog is the most active breed of dogs that has an active canine dentition. This type of breed is mostly known for hunting end herding of cattle. In addition to that, it also acts as the best candidate for the detection of drugs and search and rescue missions. It is a dog that can adapt to nearly all the conditions that arise. To accomplish all these tasks, this dog needs to be active most of the time, and that is why it requires to be kept active through mental stimulation. It is also able to stay in any condition that it is in because of its fitness. Catahoula dog grows about 20 to 26 inches long and about 45 to 95 pounds. Therefore, it can be used both in the field and as a good detective in law enforcement. 

Living with a Catahoula

Consequently, this American dog breed comes in different colors, such as red, white, yellow, and even blue. You can choose from any color that you want. Moreover, it has easy to maintain the coat, which makes it possible for the dog to lead an active life. Law enforcement authorities prefer using this dog because of its ability to access situations quickly. This positive and enthusiastic energy is not only suitable for aiding in law enforcement but is also essential in bonding with children. The activeness of this dog makes it the best pet to be added to a home setting. This is because it easily blends in the family and keeps the children engaged in playing. 

Furthermore, you need to be cautious about what you are doing in the presence of this dog. This is because it is intelligent and quickly notices the things happening in its environment. This creates a level of independence, making them able to survive and explore on their own or when they are prompted to. If you are a homeowner, it is best that you keep this dog because they have enough room and space to wander as compared to living in the city where they feel caged. Just like human beings, these dogs need to be happy to increase their overall health.

Moving In Ways

This is why it is vital to keep the dog happy and healthy at all times. This type of dog wants to be part of the family that it is in, and that is why it is essential that you involve the dog in activities you are doing as a family and make it feel like part of the family. Catahoula dog seems timid and fearful in the company of strangers. This is not because they are afraid but because they are intolerant of strangers, as they are only used to their family members. 

Fierceness is a characteristic that has been observed in this dog. It tends to be fierce in the company of other dogs, especially if the other dogs are of the same sex and the Catahoula dog. If you are a pet owner, and you already have other dogs at home, then you should think carefully about adding Catahoula dog to the dogs in the family.

They may not be the best of friends and may end up barking all night loudly. Therefore, it is important that you consider how the Catahoula and the other dogs will interact together, and if you sense that they will not relate well, then do not bring the Catahoula home. To train a Catahoula dog, you have to register it to an obedience class. Be patient and see how it behaves when left alone. You can lock it up when you are not around as a way of monitoring its behavior. However, this dog breed also has health problems that it can face from time to time. 

Health Problems

  • Hip dysplasia

This is a health condition that interferes with the mobility of the Catahoula dog. The dog shifts from being active to slowly becoming inactive, and it is not able to move freely as before. In addition to that, this condition also causes pain to the dog, thereby interfering with their regular duties. 

  • Glass eye

This is another health problem that the Catahoula dog faces. It mostly affects Catahoula with a white coat or white face. Their colored dogs face a higher risk of developing deafness in either one of their ears or both ears. 

  • Cancer

This is a medical condition that mostly affects older breed of this dog. Catahoula dogs are cancer-free when they are young, but as they grow older, they face high risks of getting cancer.

Catahoula Dog Puppy

Catahoula Dog Grooming

It is also easy to groom this dog because it has a short and smooth fur. They are only bathed a few times in a year unless they get themselves into something messy that they need help to get out of. However, the coats of the Catahoula dog do not require constant brushing because it is already soft and short, and you can use your fingers to brush through the coat whenever necessary. Shedding is also an essential factor when you want to groom the dog. If it sheds so much coat, then you can use a bristle brush and brush the dog outside the house.

Trust me, you do not want to get your house messy and full of fur. Brushing the dog’s coat once a while keeps the coat of the Catahoula dog shinny. When grooming, make it a habit of cutting the Catahoula’s nails too. You can purchase an animal clipper from any pet store and use it to cut the nails of the dog so that they do not overgrow. Dogs are amazing pets that require constant care, just like human beings.

Moreover, if the dog is suffering from any type of allergy, you must clean its ears to help in keeping them clean and well-groomed. They may also be having an injury or an infection that requires immediate attention. If it is a minor problem that you can handle, use a cotton ball and an adequate amount of baby oil and clean the ears of the dog from inside coming outside. If the situation is out of your control, book an appointment with your vet and ensure that the dog gets the necessary treatments. You will notice that the dog scratches its ear often, or it shakes its head frequently. This is why it is crucial to monitor the behavior of your dog so that you determine when they have a problem or are experiencing any forms of discomfort.


 It is important that you satisfy the needs of the dog by frequently giving it work to do to keep it engaged because if you do not, it may become aggressive, and you might get hurt in the process. Let the Catahoula dog outside and let it play freely. They prefer having fun out to sitting in the house. Make it a habit of scheduling an hour for the dog, for them to exercise to keep them in shape and active for any activity. If you decide to tag them along when you are going for jogging, they will find an easy time keeping up with the pace because exercise is part of their routine.

If you prevent the dog from playing and being active, they will shift their full energy to doing destructive things in the home, such as barking or excessive chewing of furniture. This will, in turn, be a loss to you and you will spend more money repairing the damaged furniture. Lastly, ensure that you train the Catahoula dog so that it knows how to behave itself around the house, and do what is expected of it, whenever necessary. 

Catahoula Leopord Dog