Can Dogs Have Cinnamon?

Can Dogs Have Cinnamon?

Maybe you have wondered if you can give cinnamon to your dog. Well, cinnamon has various health benefits both to human beings and to your pets. Cinnamon is non-toxic and is a common ingredient used in the preparation of many dog treats. However, there are some instances when you should not give cinnamon to your dog. Do not give your dog the cinnamon stick to chew on and do not give cinnamon to a pregnant dog because it can have adverse effects on the uterus of the dog. Consequently, cinnamon has various health and digestive advantages for the dog. Some of the benefits of giving an adequate amount of cinnamon to your dog include the following.

  1. Help in the prevention of degenerative diseases

Cinnamon in dog treats help in the treatment of free radicals and the repair of cell damage because of its antioxidant properties. Consumption of cinnamon also helps in the prevention of cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

  • Relieve arthritis symptoms

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which help in reducing pains associated with arthritis. Furthermore, this property of cinnamon also combats various infectious and inflammatory diseases. In addition to that, the anti-inflammatory property of cinnamon is also great for aging pups with muscle soreness. Cinnamon helps in reducing swelling and joint pains.

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Studies have shown that about fifty-four percent of all the dogs in America struggle with obesity. These dogs also face high chances of suffering from diabetes. Adding cinnamon to your dog’s diet helps in keeping diabetes in the right track. Add about 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon for every 15 pounds of body weight. This is the safest amount of cinnamon to add. Moreover, it regulates blood sugar in the body.

  • Improves Physical Resistance

Cinnamon has a high calcium content making it essential in the strengthening of bones of the dog and improving their physical resistance. However, if your pet is malnourished, you can control the consumption of cinnamon to help in supplementing nutritional deficit. This is most important for elderly dogs because they suffer most from loss of muscle and bone mass.

  • Improving Cognitive functions

Consumption of cinnamon for dogs also helps in improving cognitive functions such as bringing back memory, hence making it have both mental and physical health benefits.

  • Stimulate Circulation

Cinnamon has high contents of vitamin P, which has anticoagulant properties. This means that it helps in the prevention of clots and increase blood circulation in the dog. In this case, cinnamon should be used in moderate amounts. Using him amounts of cinnamon as anticoagulants can lead to internal bleeding which is hazardous to the dog. Therefore, before settling to use cinnamon for your dog, ensure that you first consult with the vet to ascertain that it is safe for your dog.

  • Combat Gastrointestinal Disorders

Cinnamon has a high fiber content which when ingested, acts as a remedy for consumption in dogs. It also helps in the prevention of vomiting, eliminating gas, and relieving stomach discomforts.

  • Reduces the risk of a Heart Disease

When ingested, cinnamon is used in lowering blood pressure which in turn lowers the risk of heart disease. Recent studies have also shown that cinnamon helps in slowing down the growth of cancer cells.

  • Prevents the cat pee smell

Most of the time you might have noticed that your dog has a cat pee smell especially when they have ingested golden paste. This smell is very unpleasant and can cause discomfort when your dog comes into the living room and you have guests. Adding a little bit of cinnamon to dog treats can help in preventing this smell in your pets.

1. Non-toxic when consumed by your pet

Unlike nutmeg which is toxic when consumed by a dog, due to its hallucination effects, cinnamon is not toxic for the dog. It is a spice that will not harm your pet in any way unless consumed in huge quantities. As safe as this spice might be, give it to your dog in minimal quantities to help in preventing health problems.

2. Adds flavor

Cinnamon also adds flavor to the dog’s food. Sprinkle a little amount of cinnamon over your dog’s food to enrich it will flavor. In addition to that, small amounts of cinnamon can also be used to spice up dog treats.

3. Essential in brain development

Cinnamon is also essential in developing the brain of your dog. It is packed with benefits that keep your dog’s brain functioning well at all times. It is rich in antioxidants and works towards defending the dog against neurological disorders.

4. Wards off diabetes in dogs

Taking a small amount of cinnamon helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels. This is important for both human beings and senior overweight dogs. Cinnamon helps in boosting the ability to use insulin in improving glucose levels both for human beings and for dogs.

5. Helps with Yeast Infections

Studies and research have shown that cinnamon has anti-fungal properties. It works towards combating yeast infection which is caused by a fungus known as candida Albicans. However, dogs who have allergies are prone to yeast infections.

6. Keeps the dog food fresher for longer

Cinnamon has anti-bacterial properties which help it in keeping foods fresh by preventing spoilage. This is important when you want to store a can of dog food that you have already opened. Sprinkle a small quantity of cinnamon over the food before putting it inside your refrigerator. Do not refrigerate dog food in a can, instead spoon it into a glass container and with a plastic top for proper storage. It also prevents the growth of bacteria in unpasteurized juices such as apple cider. Sprinkle a desirable amount of cinnamon to your apple cider vinegar for safety.

7. Cinnamon helps your dog if they suffer from inflammation. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties which help in slowing down or stopping the growth of bacteria which in turn causes inflammation.

In conclusion, there are greater benefits of giving cinnamon to your dog. However, do not overdo it, rather, give your dog cinnamon in moderate amounts to avoid any health problems that arise from too much consumption of cinnamon.