Border Terrier Puppy

border terrier puppy

The Border terrier puppy is a very alert and good-natured good, which was originally meant to assist in hunting foxes by driving them out of their hiding zone to an open place where they can be captured easily. However, in recent times, they have been added as part of the family because of their loving nature and how they adore human beings. This makes them the best companion you can have at home. The Border terrier puppy is a pure bred dog, although some may still be under the care of rescues. If this is the right breed for you, then you can consider adopting one from the shelters and give it a home where it will be more comfortable and loved.

Although this breed of dog makes a perfect pet, they still have a strong urge to hunt and dig. They have high energy levels which makes them able to keep up with the pace of the hunters on horsebacks. Some people find these characteristics unbearable, claiming that it makes the dog aggressive and dangerous whereas some find that the Border terrier puppy is a perfect companion who knows how to play and love hard.  They can adapt to most living patterns, even apartments as long as they have plenty of space to play. All that the Border terrier puppy needs is plenty of exercises and if you give it this, you will have the best companion for a lifetime. 

Traveling with this dog is easier because it is easy to carry around, especially if you have a carrier. You can carry your toy to help the puppy in being active as it runs around with its toy. In addition to that, the Border terrier puppy comes with awesome characteristics that make it the best pet you can ever have. Some of the characteristics of the Border terrier puppy include the following.

Characteristics of Bordet Terrier Puppy

  1. It adapts well to different living environments without facing any challenges. This is because it is built for hunting purposes.
  2. It is highly sensitive and can detect if something is wrong from far. This is why it was mainly used to assist in the hunting of foxes and getting them out of their hideouts. It can sense where the foxes are hidden with ease.
  3. Many people who own this dog have attested to the fact that the Border terrier puppy does not mind being alone. It also enjoys its own company but is perfect in the company of many people.
  4. Border terrier puppy is also good with any type of weather. It tolerates different types of weather perfectly making it the best fit for both the home and the hunting zone.
  5. The main reason why people love keeping the Border terrier puppy is that they are good with the family. They are very affectionate towards many people and are good companions to the family. In addition to that, it is also good with kids and even plays with the kids most of the time.
  6. Border terrier puppy is physically fit, a characteristic that improves their general health.
  7. It is easy to train and follows instructions keenly.
  8. It is also intelligent and has a strong prey drive, and this is one of the reasons why hunters chose it for hunting purposes.
  9. It highly needs regular exercise to help it keep in shape and to conduct their activities perfectly.
  10. Border terrier puppy is highly playful, and that is why it is important that you buy dog toys to help the puppy in being active and playing all day long.

Border terrier puppy is a dog breed that is about 10 to 11 inches tall at the shoulder, weighs about 11 to 15 pounds, and has a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years. It is a small dog with an alert gaze and an amazing personality. However, before you take this dog home, you should consider the fact that the Border terrier puppy is not for everyone. You should be ready to commit to all his needs and taking his antics. For some people, the Border terrier puppy is the best companion, loves, and plays hard. It blends well with physically active families because it requires exercise to stay alert.

In addition to that, the Border terrier requires a securely fenced area to keep them safe. This does not mean that you should not give them time alone. They at times require to be alone but do not let them out of sight. If you fail to monitor their movements, they will climb trees and go to different places to explore. They will escape through fences, open doors and holes around the compound, and through any other means that they find. They are able to cross any wall because this breed is trained for that.

The Border terrier puppy is more likely to die from an accident than old age. This is because they chase their prey regardless of where they are. They can even jump in front of a moving car to catch a rabbit. If you love this dog and would love to keep it at home, then prepare to keep it safe from himself. Moreover, ensure that you do not leave this dog alone for long periods because they do not deal well with boredom. When bored, they become noisy and destructive and this can in turn be costly for you. Avoid leaving this dog out alone without supervision because you will hear your neighbors complaining about its endless barking and the amount of destruction it has caused. Trust me, you do not want to be in bad terms with your neighbors. Lock up the dog if you are going to be out for so long.

Consequently, you can prevent endless barking and mass destruction by this dog, and stay in good terms with your neighbors by scheduling at least thirty minutes every day for your dog. During this period, engage the dog in vigorous exercise to keep it happy and engaged. This dog breed is prone to obesity, but keeping it physically active will save its life. Generally, border puppies are friendly dogs who socialize well with both children and strangers. Any slight noise that they hear triggers their barking, hence making them the best watchdogs, but they are not fierce especially when an intruder gets into your home. Border terrier puppy is keen to details and if you praise it all the time, it will quickly learn what you are teaching him.

History of the Border terrier Puppy

During the 18th century, this dog breed originated from the northeastern part of England, near the border of Scotland. He came about as a result of the endless battles between farmers and foxes. Border terrier has a long and narrow body which makes it easier for them to squeeze through small holes to remove the foxes from their hiding zone to a clear area. The Border terrier received a price for its fearless and impeccable nature. Earlier on, this dog was not known and it could appear at agricultural shows but no one paid attention to it until in the early 20th century.

Amount and feeding times of the Border terrier puppy

The amount of food and the number of times that you feed this dog has a direct impact on its ability to perform its daily activities. It is recommended that you give this dog 1 1/8 to 1 3/8 cups of high-quality dog food on a daily basis. Feed the Border terrier puppy at most twice a day. This works perfectly for the small dogs. However, if you have an adult Border terrier puppy, then the amount of food it eats depends on its size, age, metabolism, build, and activity levels. Dogs are different, just like human beings, and they do not need the same amount of food. A dog that is highly active will need more food as compared to a dog that spends most of its time lying on the couch. In addition to that, the quality of the dog food that you buy also matters, and this is why it is important that you go for high-quality dog food to assist in nourishing your dog.

Keep this dog in good shape by ensuring that it eats high-quality dog food and feeding it at most twice a day, as compared to leaving out food for the whole day. You can easily determine if the dog is overweight by performing an eye and hands test. Look at him down, and a waist should be visible. If you put your hand through its waist and you feel its ribs, then it needs more food and less exercise, whereas if you feel fat lying around his waist then it needs less food and more exercise. Naturally, the Border terrier puppy has a thick and loose skin, an advantage that comes in handy when hunting because it protects it from bites from the prey during hunting.


Many people who own this dog breed have concerns about how their dogs behave and what to do about certain incidences. Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about this dog breed include the following.

  1. Are Border terrier dogs’ good pets?

The answer is yes. Border terrier dogs are good pets and relate well with children. The only difference comes in when you have a young border puppy because it might hurt a child unintentionally. This is the main reason why you should never buy a Border terrier dog from a pet store or breeder who does not provide health guarantees.

  • Do the Border terrier bark a lot?

The main reason why dogs bark is to alert their owners where they are, whether or not they are buried in a burrow or wherever they might be. This breed only barks a lot when you do not keep them physically active and you let them loose for long hours. Keep an eye on the dog and give it regular exercise.

  • Are they hard to train?

Border terrier dogs are easy to train because they are highly intelligent and master things very easily. Be patient and train the dog, and ensure that it corresponds to the action which you want to correspond to.

  • Can it be left alone?

The dog can only stay alone for a maximum of 8 hours a day and not more. While they are alone, ensure that they are in a closed place because leaving them in the open only causes more destruction and endless barking.

In summary, the Border terrier dog is specifically designed for the hunting of foxes. However, some people love keeping this breed as a pet in their homes, because of their amazing personality and how they love human beings. However, before you decide on keeping this dog, ensure that you are ready to cater to all its needs, and train it every day.