American Terrier

The American terrier consist of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier but shouldn’t be confused with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The Staffordshire Bull terrier is a United Kingdom specie.

The American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier still have a lot in common, although they have been reared separately for so many years. The differences between the two breeds are not much. The American Staffordshire Terriers seems to be a little wider than American Pit Bull Terriers and appears to have more willing personalities. 

American Staffordshire Terriers are now used as watchdogs, they assist with police work, involve in weight pulling competitions and they are used as pets in homes.

Happy American Terrier


The American terrier Staffordshire is said to begin its origin from Ireland and England in the early 1800s where it was used for dog fighting and baiting.

The American terrier is a crossbred between Bulldogs and Terrier breeds. It is sometimes referred to as the; “Am Staff,”. 

After the baiting and dog fighting were stopped, most of the breeds migrated to America. This breed was allowed for registration in the American Kennel Club Stud Book in about 1936 as Staffordshire Terriers.

The name was changed to American Staffordshire Terrier in 1972.

General Overview

The American terrier is mid-size but very strong breed that has muscles.  In spite of its size, it has a very loving nature. They love being around humans.

This smart, good natured and confident breed are easy to please making it easy to train them. They need the assistance of highly professional trained personnel with ability to be strict and very patient so as to give them all the training they need. American Staffordshire terrier need assistance in managing their strength and putting it to other important use. 

The Males weigh about 50-70 pounds while the females weigh less (40-50 pounds).

As stated earlier, it is medium size which ranges between 18-19inches in males and females.


The males weigh about 50-70 pounds

The females weigh 40-50 pounds.


The measurement is from the shoulder down.



The American Terrier has a broad head with very strong jaws. It has a very friendly personality and are sociable even amidst strangers. It has a short, close and glossy coat which is unsuited for outdoors even though it loves cold weather.


They come in different colors which are; Black, Brown, Blue, Sable, and blue.


The American Staffordshire average life expectancy is about 12-16 years.

Routines and Grooming

Daily or weekly bathing of the Terrier is not necessary but the coat should occasionally be brushed so as to remove dead hair.

Brush their teeth weekly so as to prevent bad breath. 

Their ears should be checked and cleaned properly so as to avoid ear infection.

Daily workout and games is necessary for this breed so as to keep them fit. Exercises like, a long run or a ball throwing game is a great way to create a lasting bond with an American Staffordshire terrier.

When exercising with Terrier, be cautious of warm weather because they are sensitive to heat.

They shouldn’t be left alone with other breeds because they can develop an aggressive nature.

American Staffordshire is really a smart dog and possess a lot of energy, try as much as possible to keep their body and mind active when boredom sets in, that is when it begins to eat shoes or engage in some naughty things in the house.

They are very smart so they are easy to train. Train them early when they are still puppy or you may end up with an aggressive dog.

American Terrier Chewing On A Stick


American Staffordshire needs diets high in protein and low in grains. Calories can be drastically reduced once there is a noticeable addition of weight.

Serve the meals early and do not serve them food meant for humans.

Clean fresh water should be given to the dog.

As they grow older their diet changes so it is advisable to seek professional nutritionists for advice on what to feed your American Staffordshire Terrier and what size portions they require.

Common Health Conditions

They are very strong and most of the time healthy. 

The common health conditions noticeable in American Staffordshire terrier are; Hip dysplasia, cerebellar cortical degeneration (degeneration of the brain), heart problems, and allergies, skin allergies, urinary tract infections, and autoimmune diseases. They may also develop osteoarthritis or spondylosis later in life.

It is advisable to visit the veterinary doctor for regular checkup.

Cases of Emergency

When you notice the following strange behavior in your terrier, it is time to urgently call or visit the veterinary doctor.

  • Shaking of the head
  • Vomiting, Frequent bloody, watery diarrhea
  • Severe itching of the ears, or ear discharge
  • Discolored urine or difficulty in urinating
  • Itching, redness or cloudiness of the eyes
  • Stiff legs, having difficulties in walking, running or jumping.
  • Unnecessary weight gain
  • itchy hairless patches on face or paws

Other American Staffordshire Terrier Species

  1. American Bull staffy
  2. Bullboxer staffy
  3. Old Anglican Bulldogge
  4. Frenchie Staff
  5. Labrastaff
  6. Amstiff
  7. Staffweilers
  8. Vizsla Staff

American Bull Staffy

The American Bull Staffy is a  hybrid’s cross breeds between the American Bulldog and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

The American Bull staffy is protective of its owner and loves human but can be hostile toward strangers. It loves attention. 

It has short coat like the American Staffordshire terrier and needs adequate brushing.

It weighs more than the American Staffordshire.


It is a modern hybrid that has its discern from England and the USA.

It has similar features as the American Staffordshire terrier.

Common Health Conditions

The common diseases the American Bull staffy is susceptible to are; cataracts, uveal cysts, hip or elbow dysplasia, brachycephalic syndrome

They are also susceptible to sunburn if they have light fur.


They have short coat that needs brushing weekly. 

Seek professional assistance to clean the ears so as to prevent ear infection.

Bullboxer Staffy

The bullboxer is a cross breed between the Boxer and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

The bullBoxer is quite wide and athletic.

This breed is low maintenance because it needs little training.

It needs a lot of excise to keep fit and also to maintain its muscular build.

BullBoxers are confident and are quite intelligent. They easily become bored when an exercise or game is repetitive. It is advisable to train them in short bursts when they are still puppies.

Common Health Conditions

They are susceptible to the following health conditions;

  • hip dysplasia
  • heart conditions
  • thyroid deficiency
  • cancer
  • degenerative myelopathy

Frenchie Staff General Overview

This breed is smaller than most of the breeds in this family but it inherits the muscular build of the American Staffordshire Terrier.

The Frenchie staff is a cross breed between the French Bulldog and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

The Frenchie Staff has large bat ears.

They are very sensitive but quiet dogs.

They do not need a lot of exercise like other of its species.

They are very bad swimmers. They love humans and are quite sociable.

Common Health Conditions

The Frenchie staff are susceptible to breathing problem, eye problem and skin sensitivity.


The labrastaff is a cross breed between the American Staffordshire Terrier and a Labrador.

The Labrastaff is mid-sized and they love spending time with people. It is great to train the dog when it is still a puppy.

This breed needs a lot of exercise, especially to ensure no destructive tendencies arise.

Activities like fetching, agility, tracking, and swimming are great for this breed.

Common Health Conditions

The labrastff are susceptible to the following health conditions;

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heart conditions
  • Myopathy, this is most of the time hereditary
  • bloat
  • progressive retinal atrophy

When choosing a breeder, it is important to research on it pedigree because most of the hereditary diseases are fatal.


The Amstiff is a cross breed between the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Mastiff.

The Amstiff is a very large dog.

It doesn’t require a lot of budget to maintain the. It just needs more frequent brushing during heavy shedding period of the coat.

They also may inherit the Mastiff’s tendency to drool everywhere, meaning you may have to wipe your pup’s mouth a lot.

The exercise needed for this breed is mild exercise such as daily walks or outside play time.

This breed needs training and frequent exercise so as to keep the brain at alert.

Common Health Conditions

The Amstaff is susceptible to the following health conditions;

  • eye anomalies
  • heart conditions
  • cancer
  • von Willebrand’s disease
  • degenerative myelopathy
  • bloat
  • epilepsy

It is imperative to visit the veterinary doctor for checkups so as to treat or avoid these diseases.


The staffweiler is a crossbreed between the Rottweiler and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

This is quite large and a good pet for families.


This breed needs little training and they shed their coats on rare occasions.

Staffweiler needs a lot of exercise. It is necessary to take them out on daily basis for exercise, swimming, walking, herding, tracking, and any other activities.

Common Health Conditions

The staffweiler are highly susceptible to hereditary diseases. The diseases are;

  • hip dysplasia
  • cancer
  • eye diseases
  • heart conditions